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Camera Tripod mount height (H) Tripod mount length (L1) Source

Use the correct name of your camera.

Facing the camera, the distance from the base of the camera to the center of the lens. (Please see General Information) Looking at the bottom of the camera, the distance between the middle of the tripod mount to the base of the lens base, or base for adaptor tube. For fixed lens cameras which do not allow use of adaptors this column is not applicable.  
Sony SLT-A33/55 36 mm 31 mm
Sony NEX-7 32 mm 20.5 mm
Sony Alpha A100 37 mm  35 mm
Sony Alpha 7R 38 mm  24 mm
Pentax K10D/K20D 41.6 mm  37.2 mm
Pentax K-7/K-5 38.2 mm  41.6 mm
Pentax *ist DS 36 mm  43 mm
Nikon PN11 tube 40 mm  17 mm
Nikon FT1 adapter 43 mm  13 mm
Nikon D90 42.8 mm  40 mm
Nikon D800, D800E + MB-D12 93 mm  44.5 mm
Nikon D800, D800E 50 mm  44.5 mm
Nikon D80 42.8 mm  40 mm
Nikon D7000 with MB-D11 85.8 mm  25 mm
Nikon D7000 43 mm 40 mm
Nikon D700 with MB-D10 93 mm  44.5 mm
Nikon D700 50 mm  44.5 mm
Nikon D70 52 mm  36 mm
Nikon D60 36 mm  42 mm
Nikon D5000 44 mm  42 mm
Nikon D40 36 mm  42 mm
Nikon D3X 76.9 mm  28.0 mm
Nikon D3000 35.6 mm  42.4 mm
Nikon D300 with MB-D10 90.2 mm  31.4 mm
Nikon D300 47.2 mm  42.4 mm
Nikon D2H 79 mm  29.5 mm
Nikon D200 with MB-D200 93 mm  ~33 mm
Nikon D200 47 mm  40 mm
Nikon D100 with MB-D100 93 mm  33.5 mm
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D 41 mm  36 mm
Fujifilm FinePix S7000 32.8 mm  69 mm + 37 mm (Adapt.Tube)=106 mm
Canon EOS 7D 42 mm  37.5 mm

Canon EOS 650D /    Digital Rebel T4i

41 mm  39 mm
Canon EOS 60D 40.5 mm  38.5 mm
Canon EOS 600D /
Digital Rebel T3i
40 mm  39 mm
Canon EOS 5D MKIII 43.5 mm  40 mm
Canon EOS 5D MKII 43.5 mm, 90 mm w/grip  38.5 mm
Canon EOS 5D 42 mm  37,5 mm
Canon EOS 550D /
Digital Rebel T2i
39 mm  39 mm
Canon EOS 500D /
Digital Rebel X1i
38.5 mm  39 mm
Canon EOS 450D /
Digital Rebel XSi
35 mm  39 mm
Canon EOS 40D 42 mm  38.5 mm
Canon EOS 50D 42 mm 38.5 mm CLAUSS
Canon EOS 400D /
Digital Rebel XTi
37 mm  39 mm
Canon EOS 350D /
Digital Rebel XT
37.5 mm  38.5 mm
Canon EOS 300D /
Digital Rebel
(EOS Digital Rebel)
40 mm  40 mm
Canon EOS 300D /
Digital Rebel
40 mm  38.5 mm
Canon EOS 20D 40 mm  36.5 mm
Canon EOS 10D 42 mm  31.5 mm
Canon EOS 1000D /
Digital Rebel XS
37 mm  39 mm
Canon EOS 70D 41 mm 38,5 mm


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