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For creating parallax-free panorama shots, you need to adjust the nodal point correctly.

The nodal point is the projection center of the lens (entrance pupil) through which, in the ideal case, all light rays from the object run.
The stitching of adjacent single images can only be successful and free of overlapping errors if the nodal point is always the same for each single image.

You may define the nodal point easily by following these steps:

First of all, you need to define the height adjustment. This can easily be done by just taking a measure of your camera as follows:


You need to calculate the height using the following equation:

H1 = (a+b)/2



Or look up your camera type in our collection of camera types here.


Now, you need to define the depth adjustment:

This can also be easily done by taking the measurements of the camera L1 and L2 as shown below and adding them:


Kamera unten 200px      +    Objektiv 200px


Or also look it up in our collection of camera types and our collection of lenses.

You can also find the depth adjustment with the following alternative way:

Mount the panoramic head on a tripod and install the camera firmly to it. Please now find two objects - one object in a long distance and one in a short distance to you. The distances to choose depend on the focal length. It should be possible to align both objects to each other.
The classical way: Attach a plumb line to a window frame and use it as the closer object. As farther object you may use e.g. the gable peak of a house nearby, a pinnacle or an electricity pylon.
If you now let your panoramic head turn slowly in the left direction, both objects should wander to the right edge of the camera view. With the correct depth adjustment the position of the two objects to each other will stay the same - they should still be aligned when reaching the right corner.
Otherwise you need to correct the depth adjustment

The images below are demonstrating the parallax with wrong settings (bottom) and wih correct settings (top):


Please note down your measurements so that you may use them once again when taking shots with the same camera / lens combination later on.

If you cannot find your measurements in our tables of nodal points, please feel free to share them with us!
Just write us an e-mail and let us know - we will of course mention you as our source (with either name or e-mail, or both).

Thanks in advance in the name of all panorama-enthusiasts for sharing your results!

When following all instructions, you should now be able to take panorama shots like this:

NWJOGD GlienickerBrücke360

(Photo: André Stiebitz) 



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