Company History

- Guinness World Record -
Kuala Lumpur in 846 gigapixel - the current world record in the field gigapixel photography.
2015 2

Hartmut Clauss takes over the management from his father Dr. Ulrich Clauss. As Chief Developer he still remains an important part of the company.

- Guinness World Record  -
The RODEON piXpert panoramic head produces the world´s largest panoramic image with 365 gigapixels from the Mont Blanc.
2014 Development of a panoramic head, which is perfectly suited for outdoor trips and backpackers due to the double chassis, the integrated control panel and IP54.

Introduction of contemporary WLAN/LAN technology, which replaces the conventional controlling of the products via Bluetooth.

2012 2

- Guinness World Record  -
From the transmission tower of the British Telecom a panorama with 320 gigapixel is taken - the largest panorama at that time. 3 RODEON VR Head ST record London simultaneously with thousands of single images.

Expansion and construction of the manufacturing center and purchase of latest machines to meet the increasing demand and growing quality requirements.


Growing competences in the field of forensics. Now, photographic dactyloscopic scans, also on e.g. curved surfaces, are possible - completely without destruction of evidences and important DNA traces.

The new field of 'Laserphotogrammertry' is developed. Here, laserscans and gigapixel panoramic images are combined for the first time.


New machinery and a growing automation, e.g. an automatic soldering unit, now also allow the production of OEM components in large quantities.

- Guinness World Record  -
Dresden captured in 26 gigapixel!

- World Record -


The enterprise moved to the new headquarter, as the capacity limit of the old location has been reached. Also the workforce increased to the triple due to the movement.

For the first time an artwork, 'The Last Supper' of Leonardo da Vinci, is recorded and digitized with unprecedented resolution and richness of details.


Development and introduction of the modular panoramic system RODEONmoduar.

The first panoramic head with exact nodal point adjustment, processor control and remote control comes onto the market.


Radical saving of heat energy due to the intelligent circulation controller for domestic water. Designed and manufactured in order to save your money! Up to date, an absolute bestseller - more information can be found here.

By using the JumboDrive, the first electronically controlled turntable, not only object unrollings with a high richness of detail are possible, a complete new field, the interactive object photography is developed; today better known as 'object movies'.

2000 2

The first videogrammetric measurement system 'Elevation' for recording and evaluation of fireworks is developed and is later transferred to series production. Thus, the system sets the global reference standard for all height measurements of pyrotechnical products.

The first digital panoramic camera - honored as Technology Innovation of the Year - goes into series production. At least 18 megapixels and stereo image; from today's point of view far ahead of its time.


The world's first electronic recording camera without limitation of the field of view, scans the surrounding point by point and therefore allows a photogrammetric use of the data. Like today's panorama scanners, sections could be extracted, seperately displayed and measured.

Establishment of the 'Dr. Clauss Bild- und Datentechnik GmbH' from the previous individual company.


Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Clauss began his industrial vocational training in 1975, became a development engineer after his studies for medical electronic and graduated in 1989 in the field of Neurodiagnostics. His special subject was the electroencephalography (EEG) and analysis of evoked brainstem potentials. Since 1993, he began to work in an development project for electronic image acquisition and photogrammetry.

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