With the help of an intuitive and easy-to-use controlling software for Windows PC or PDA all parameters for the "standard" panoramic photography are preset. Further settings were not integrated in order to keep track of the settings. The following screenshots are largely self-explanatory.

The standard controlling software for RODEON panoramic heads and turntables

RODEONmodular H dtThis menu item controls the whole horizontal angle of the panoramic photo.

Normally ('-') the RODEON modular optimizes all turns to move always along shortest distances to save time. That means, that RODEON modular turns to 360 ° instead of 0 ° if the last photo was taken on a horizontal angle greater than 180 °. This behavior is deactivated by selecting a maximal angular of 360°. Thus twisted cables are prevented.


RODEONmodular V dtIf the upper or lower angle border becomes 90 ° (Vertex) or -90 ° (Nadir), only one picture will be triggered in this position. In all other vertical positions, the number of pictures that were selected in the 'Horizontal' menu are exposured (Multi-Row).


RODEONmodular Ext dtFor special camera-features or situations it is useful to take several photos in one position (e.g. for a sequence of different exposures - HDR). You can select the number of triggers for each position in this menu ('Bracketing'). Many camera models are supporting this automatic HDR mode.

'Preshoot time': The time the camera needs to focus etc. (half-pressed trigger). You can use this waiting period after RODEON modular stops driving to avoid mechanical swinging.

'Exposure time': The time between trigger and continue moving.

Recover Time: The minimal time between two triggers. It is used to avoid triggering until the camera is ready.

The 'speed' describes the rotation speed of the drives. We recommend especially for heavy cameras a lower factor.


RODEONmodular Auto dt2The user-software writes the actual configuration to a file named „Last used settings" during closing it. This file itself contains detailed descriptions of the used script language. Besides other configurations with other names can be saved or loaded in the program-window. In this way you are able to store many preferred configurations.



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