RODEON piXposer

Stable and exact for a maximum of focal lengths

Creating reproductions and/or shots in fields of three-digit Gigapixel without the slightest effort? No problem for you anymore!

With the RODEON piXposer you have now the right tool for that. This full automatical pan-tilt-head combines technology of the highest level with the biggest accuracy. This muscle man easily shifts the weight of longest focal lengths tele objectives and heavy photo gear - that way you are perfectly prepared for any kind of application.

With the help of its strong gears, the RODEON piXposer positions the equipment precisly and without any shaking or  jiggling - 360 ° x 180 ° panoramas with an astonishing richness of details can be created easily. It clears the way for HDR-shots as well as reproductions with high-resolution. Achieving a zone of three-digit gigapixels is no big fuss anymore. Become an artist yourself and create your masterpieces with the help of the RODEON piXposer! Now equipped with WLAN - our worlds first - it enlarges the degree of professionality by a workflow that is independent from any systems software and operates completely cable-free! It is no longer relevant on what kind of software your favourite device is working - either Windows mobile, OS-X, Android or long as a web browser is installed, nothing stands against controlling the RODEON piXposer.

With this technical development, controlling turns into a minor matter - you can concentrate on the one thing that really matters: creating your masterpiece. Even switching between different controlling devices is easy and fast...changing between Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook or PC is now only a piece of cake...comparable with a visit on your favourite homepage. 

If special needs of the surrounding situation may not allow the use of WLAN, you may always change to using a LAN-cable. And once again, the high level of professionality is underlined and emphasizes your masterpiece. Don't become a slave of technology, but do the complete opposite! Stay ahead of the game and let the technology become your best buddy.
Also gone is the nasty deduction of the individual settings made during the shoot: settings for controlling the RODEON piXposer may now easily be downloaded as user profiles onto your controlling device or SD-card. The way to a simple and immediate processing of the data is paved. Still it gets even easier: with the additional available software RODEON preview you can create an adequate forecast of the panorama cable-free via WLAN during the actual shoot.

And of course, we have kept the slogan 'never change a winning team' in mind as well - you can use your already existing professional photo-gear because the RODEON piXposer is interoperable with almost all DSLR- or medium format cameras.

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Technical Data

Physical dimensions

480 x 345 x 66 mm

Weight excl. battery pack

5,7 kg

Scope of delivery

Motorized head, rechargeable battery, battery charger,
transportation case


browserbased control via WLAN/LAN

Gear-Setup (horizontal)

72.000 steps with magnetic brake

Gear-Setup (vertical)

72.000 steps with reference point

Data interface

WLAN, LAN, SD-card

Please view the data sheet for more technical information.

 Applicable modes: HDR, Time-Lapse-Movies, Quick-Shot-Mode, Twister-Mode, Brenizer Method

Optional Controlling Software


The RODEON piXposer is controlled browser based by WLAN with the use of RODEON modular.
Optional available is the software RODEON preview.

With this software, you can not only use the functionality for controlling the head. There are many more functions available providing support for your project planning and the realisation of your project.

» Learn more about RODEON preview


Example of Use

Kuala Lumpur World Record

Gigapixel - Photography

Uffizi Reproduction



CLAUSS Kuala Lumpur Panaxity 3


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