Detonator Tester

Modular analysis system for pyrotechnic igniter 


The electronic ignition and analysis system DETONATOR TESTER was especially developed for quality assurance that goes with production resp. for measuring series analysis of newly developed film-effect igniter.


On the one hand, it allows defined ignitions of the detonator under the measurement of different ignition process parameters and explosion parameters. On the other hand, it allows validation of the defined no-fire-conditions according to DIN EN 13763-19. DETONATOR TESTER is not limited to film-effect-ignitions, but allows all measurements even in ignitions and firing pellets of other application fields. The measurement system was especially designed for fixed installation into a test setup as well as for using it as a mobile measurement laboratory.




Special highlights of the device are:


  • 0,4 - 4 ohm valid ignition resistance

  • 10 mA to 5 A trigger current with 1% accuracy (0,1 ms .. 6 Min current flow time)

  • Laser light barrier with 7 independent channels and 50 MHz cut-off frequency

  • Especially robust sound transducer with 100 KHz cut-off frequency

  • Time registration for 13 independent measuring channels with up to 180 min measurig time and a resolution of 10 ns




The scope of delivery includes the following components:

The DETONATOR TESTER as a main unit mounted in a mobile 19''-rack, a connection terminal, a 7-channel laser light barrier (line-projecting laser and laser receiving unit), 5 sound transducer with break-out-box as well as the controlling and analysing software and all needed connection cables.




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