Laser Disto

New horizontal and radial run-out measurement system for large rotating objects!


Measuring large rotation components, especially during operation, is connected with substantial problems in practice.


CLAUSS developed a special, new and innovative system for large, slowly rotating components or production parts.














The Laser Disto is mainly characterized by the following product features:


  • Permanent process control (measurement) during operation!
  • Allows the measurement of very warm (hot) rotating objects
  • Brilliant measuring accuracy
  • Self-Synchronisation regarding the rotational speed of the object to be measured
  • Scaleable accuracy (density of measuring points increases with the measuring time)
  • The rotational axis of the objects does not have to be central symmetric to the drive


Additionally, the system can be enlarged with any model of CLAUSS turntables and heads in order to allow additional movement axes of the Laser-Distance-Measurement device as well as synchronised image recordings. This also allows to create complete volume models. The measurement system cfonsists of a laser measurement head, a reference mark sensor and the controlling and analysing software, which presents the measuring result e.g. as a circle diagram. A VI library for own applications using LabView is furthermore available.




Application example for a rotating unit


disto1 disto2

Automatically determined distance to the center of rotation

Laser-Distance-Measurement device






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