Temperature sensors RF series

New generation pipe sensors


RF-series pipe temperature probes are designed for temperature measurement on pipes in the heating and plumbing engineering, solar thermal, air-conditioning and ventilation, building automation and chemical technology for measuring, controlling and regulating the temperature of liquid streams.




Special features of RF-series pipe probes include an extremely fast response to temperature changes, an excellent long-term stability and reliability, easy, fast and solid affixing – even on short pieces of pipe – optimal thermal contact, minimum temperature distortion caused by ambient temperature and very small design. They are suitable for all pipe materials, even for stainless steel, plastic and plastic composite pipes.



Quick-response for modern controls, minor influence of ambient temperature by PA-shielding and all-over sensor contact.



RF anlegen Easy to install, without any tools, superfast


The probe is installed without any tools and without thermal grease with it's own self-latching pipe clamp to the cleaned pipe like a cable tie (see Figures 1 to 3). For large diameter pipes, the additionally supplied pipe clamp is used as extension. By unlocking the pipe clamp, the probe can be removed and fixed at a different position. The probe can be moved at the pipe clamp if needed. Entirely removing the sensor from the pipe clamp is not recommended.


The electrical connection has to be realised by skilled staff at appropriate input terminals, which may carry small voltages only.









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