New Look for McDonalds

RODEON piXpert brings new shine in the fast food world. The most successful McDonalds branch at the famous Champs-Elysees in Paris got its 'make-over'.

For the reconstruction and the subsequent reopening of the fast food branch Frank Huelsboemer, artist and photographer from Berlin, created an 8 m x 3 m large collage of paper sculptures. By using the RODEON piXpert, these sculptures were photographed and digitalized with high resolution.

The panoramic head acted upside down at 6 m height, but the integrated WLAN interface allowed a problem-free and risk-less controlling. That way, the artwork was digitalized in many single images. The sequences were directly transferred to a monitor, whereby the refocusing was an easy task.

Without any issues, the RODEON piXpert positioned the used photo equipment - a Canon EOS 5Ds R with EF 400 mm 1:2,8 L IS ll with 2-times teleconverter.

As light source, continuous light was used as the sculptures mainly benefit from shadow effects and therefore the effects are more controllable and easier to design.

The good team work of Frank Huelsboemer, Luciano Malcangi, Guiseppe Malcangi, Roland Clauss as well as the mentioned technique allowed the realization of the project within 1 day - with only 4 h direct shooting time. The physical resolution of the reproduction was more than 600 dpi.

piXpert Deckenmontage 400px

McDonalds Filiale 2 700px 


The result is installed - completely or in  sections - as 54 light boxes. The light boxes are used as wall or ceiling decoration and lend unique charm to the new McDonalds branch.                       

 Collage 700px

 Photos: Frank Huelsboemer



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