Worldrecord PanaXity or the Wonders of Kuala Lumpur

German panoramic technology captures Malaysian capital with 846 gigapixel



The 'Limkokwing University of Creative Technologie' Malaysia now publishes the world's largest panoramic image with a total resolution of more than 846 gigapixel. In December 2014 the picture was created at the 85th floor of Menara Kuala Lumpur, the highest radio tower in Southeast Asia. Four 'RODEON piXposer' by the German manufacturer CLAUSS were used to record reliably and precisely more than 55'000 single pictures. Solely this automation of the recording process made it possible to realize this gigantic task within a few days. 'Guinnes World Record' officially honored the achievement of the 'panoramic image with the highest resolution' in 2016.



CLAUSS Kuala Lumpur Zoom

When the pioneers of the 'Limkokwing University of Creative Technologie' Malaysia outlined their idea of the world's largest panoramic image the key data were already clear: They wanted to create a panoramic view of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur from the highest building in town. From the outset only the cutting-edge technology by the German manufacturer CLAUSS was considered for the recording. 'RODEON piXposer' is exactly tailored to the requirements of gigapixel projects and it is the only serial device worldwide pushing physical and technical limits. After many technical consultations, a special training of the PanaXity-team (46 members) by CLAUSS in Malaysia and extensive preparatory work the recording was realized with an extreme technical effort. After seven days and nights on the 'Menara Kuala Lumpur' at a height of 421 m it was finally done. More than 55'000 images from four locations at the tower, 31'000 were taken during the day and 24'000 at night, provided the raw material which was stitched and edited to two complete pictures after several months of work.



The result is an incomparable witness impressing by the sheer resolution and its brillance and sharpness. The 846 gigapixel image during the day as well as the 136 gigapixel image at night provide a close insight into the life in the Malaysian metropolis.

Finally both pictures are available to the public and invite the world to a virtual journey of discovery to Kuala Lumpur. If you would like to continue your trip in real life you will find many useful additional information like hotspots in the picture.



For almost 20 years now the Dr. Clauss company is known for its recording systems in highest resolution. The customers appreciate the quality, precision and reliablility of this equipment technology. Excellent image quality in combination with highest resolution and wide dynamic range allow a variety of applications like documentation of conditions and damages, virtual tours, HDR-spheres, colorizing of pointclouds, e‑learning, documentation of crime scenes / forensics and digitization of important cultural heritage.
Systems of this broad product range combine top results with easiest handling. So even users without any special photographic education benefit from all advantages of this recording technology.

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