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A complex installation presents the treasures of the Renaissance in the Kunstkraftwerk in Leipzig. CLAUSS was involved into the digitalization of the artworks from the Uffizi in Florence.

Have you ever been discouraged by the extreme queue in front of the famous Uffizi in Florence? Now you have the possibility to experience the masterpieces in Leipzig. Not the paintings travelled to Germany but data of gigapixel images in highest resolution. 1150 artworks are projected on the walls of a former thermal power station. The smallest details can be discovered via big touch screens. You will never see such details in the museum. For the recordings only VR-technology made by CLAUSS was considered for the digital reproduction in Florence.

Already at the turn of the century the digitalization of the Florentine treasures was under discussion. In 2008 the Italian company 'Centrica' started taking pictures in the Uffizi. piXpert and piXposer are the only serial devices worldwide which enable highest resolution and therefore for example enormous print media and projections or the analysis of details which can not be detected with the naked eye. Not only the teams of complex reproductions rely on technology by CLAUSS, but also: creators of gigapixel world records, professional photographers, real estate agents, industrial companies or police and security authorities.

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During the last years museums, galleries and archives worldwide started to preserving their treasures digitally. They digitize their inventory for eternity, give access to research and obtain new sources of income by granting the rights of use. On the website of 'Google Arts & Culture' you are able to virtually visit whole museums including reproductions of the most famous artworks recorded with piXposer-systems.

"The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci was the first important artwork that was digitized with a Rodeon panoramic system. At that time this 16 gigapixel image was the photographic limit. The current world record photo is a panorama of the Malaysian capital with 846 gigapixel. New record hunters are already in conversation with CLAUSS.

In Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig the Uffizi from Florence come to life with interactive technologies. An immersive-multimedia video-art-arrangement presents 360°-projections in an unique atmosphere. Moreover, the visitors of 'Renaissance experience' savours the richness of details by zooming into the paintings via big touch screens - a brand new way of enjoying art.


Bereits zum 10. Mal bietet die GPEC (General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference) die Möglichkeit, sich über Neuheiten, Technologien und Trends aus dem Bereich Polizei- und Spezialausrüstung zu informieren. Die Halle 11 der Messe Frankfurt wird an diesen drei Tagen zur Kommunikationsplattform für Sicherheitsexperten von Polizei, Grenzschutz, Zollverwaltung, Justiz, Bevölkerungs- und Katastrophenschutzbehörden sowie Einheiten des Militärs.



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