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Software - Photo and Studio Equipment 

RODEONmodular With the help of an intuitive and easy-to-use controlling software for Windows PC or PDA all parameters for the "standard" panoramic photography are preset. Further settings were not integrated in order to keep track of the settings. The following screenshots are largely self-explanatory.
RODEONpreview 2 LITE
FREE software to import projects and to export them in suitable stitching programs like ptgui or AutoPano.
RODEONpreview 2 PRO The advanced software needs to be licensed and ensures a comfortable and efficient workflow. Faster and at the same time more secure with online preview and immediate success control. Panoramic heads piXpert and piXposer may be controlled directly via that Software
In addition to the above mentioned issues, this software enables you to an instant stitching of the single images. It also combines HDR-images by blending them automatically.
RODEONobjectmove is a software suite for controlling the RODEON TurnTable and
RODEON JumboDrive with USB camera control, live image preview (currently for Canon, Nikon, Phase One) and a direct object movie export as JavaScript application in HTML for direct internet publishing.


Software - 3D Recording

RODEONprocessor Easy and automated post-processing Software for Laserscans.
Controlling and recording software for the RODEONscan panorama laserscanner
RODEONmetric MODELER Process your pointclouds to CAD-Models. Thanks to the integrated panorama technology and full support of the entire RODEON product family, colorization is fully automated.
RODEONmetric VIEW Free viewing application for RODEONscan pointclouds and models, including measuring function.


Software - Industry and Research

Elevation The videogrammetric measurement system Elevation 4 was especially developed for height measurement of fireworks and allows a complete video recording of all testing sequences as well as the convenient and accurate evaluation of every single shot.
RODEON SDK Collection of tools to create software.


Previous Software

RODEONpreview 1.x The aim of RODEONpreview is, to let the work been done faster, more comfortable and more secure at the same time, by getting an impression of the whole panorama image instantly after its capture and by correcting it selectively if needed.






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