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  • Please find all prices and further product information in our product catalog.

  • We only accept payment in advance by bank transfer. This is the safest, easiest and cheapest payment method.

  • We generally grant two years warranty on all products.

Photo and Studio Equipment


  • Our small RODEON TurnTable can be used with up to 20 kg. The large RODEON JumboDrive is suitable for larger and heavier objects up to 200 kg.

  • The running noise is comparable to the ticking of a pendulum clock in an absolutely quiet room, only with a higher frequency.

  • RODEON TurnTable comes standard with a 30 cm plate, but we also offer a 50 cm plate. For shooting with a translucent plate, both plates are also available on a 20 cm column to allow using a ring light, for instance.
    RODEON JumboDrive comes standard with a 70 cm plate, but the diameter can be enlarged by using an acrylic plate with a diameter of 1 m. Other sizes are available on request.

  • On the Windows platforms VISTA to Windows version 8.1 and from Mac OS 10.6. onwards. Please find a detailed list of compatible operating systems here.

  • By smartphone/handheld via Bluetooth class 1
  • By notebook wirelessly via Bluetooth class 1 or via a wired control to use with the RS-232 interface (usable at USB in connection with a USB adapter; advantage: long cable lengths up to 50 m possible) and directly via a USB interface with USB hub for direct camera control and image transfer during the recording.

Panoramic Heads

  • CL ... Classic (basic model for all DSLR's with shorter focal lengths up to 200 mm and a recommended max. payload of the photo equipment of 5 kg)
  • ST ... Steady (more torque for all DSLR's and full frame cameras with focal lengths up to 500 mm and a recommended max. payload of the photo equipment of 7kg)
  • HD ... Heavy Duty (power and space for film cameras and photo cameras + lighting +  additional equipment for focal lengths up to 800 mm and a recommend max. payload of the photo equipment of 15 kg)


          Our advantages are the following:

  • Very high stability for very large focal lengths up to 800 mm with up to 4x teleoptic converter for high-resolution gigapixel photography
  • High torque: 4 Nm/11 Nm
  • High transmission resolution which is 0.015 ° / 0.005 ° at 24.000 / 72.000 steps
  • Direct camera control with unlimited HDR recordings with RODEONpreview (for certain camera models)
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth or wired via USB
  • Long lasting investment
  • Processing of devices with stable aluminium and stainless steel instead of plastic(!)

  • In addition to the weight and permissible payload, a further difference is the available strength for moving heavy cameras and lenses. Please look up the technical data on the first page of our product catalog. The smaller device (CL) reaches 4 Nm, whereas the larger devices (ST, HD) reach 11 Nm and therefore they are more stable and suitable for heavier equipment.

  • You can mount your camera in portrait and in landscape format on RODEON VR Heads. Depending on the model, a 90-degree strut may be needed as an accessory.

  • By smartphone / handheld via Bluetooth class 1.
  • By notebook wirelessly via Bluetooth class 1 or via a wired control to use the RS-232 interface (usable at USB in connection with a USB adapter; advantage: long cable lengths up to 50 m possible) and directly via a USB interface with USB hub for direct camera control and image transfer during the recording.

  • VR Head CL, ST, HD: no integrated control unit; controlling per Notebook
  • VR Station CL und ST: integrated, detachable control unit (PDA/ Handheld); additional control is possible via Notebook
  • VR Station HD: complete solution with Notebook, tripod and much more

  • Standard:
    • Bluetooth (Class 1)
    • RS-232; in connection with USB-adapter also possible with USB;
  • Optional:
    Direct USB-interface with USB-Hub for direct camera control and image transfer during the recording process

          There are two possibilities:

  1. The panoramic head triggers the camera via a camera trigger cable, which is available for all common camera models (see product catalogue chapter 4.1 or directly in the webshop.) Settings such as exposure time, aperture, ISO, etc. are set ​​at the camera.
  2. In connection with RODEONpreview, a camera triggering and a direct camera control via USB is possible (using an USB hub and the USB cable of your camera). By doing so, camera settings such as exposure time, lens opening, ISO, etc. are entered directly in the software.

  • The currently existing interfaces are: PT Gui Project/Preview (*.pts); Kolor Autopano Pro/Giga Preview (*.pano); Papywizard (*.xml); TIFF preview (*.tif) and JPG Preview (*.jpg)

  • There are no limitations. It is possible to use the 72.000 precision high peformance drive for normal panoramic photography as well as for gigapixel photography.

  • If you now go for a RODEON VR Head CL and you need a stronger drive later, we are pleased to upgrade your precision high performance drive.

  • The magnetic break which is mounted on our models ST and HD cares for more stability especially for using heavy large lenses.

  • The RODEON VR Head/Station series is characterized by full automation. The number of approached images / stops is unlimited and freely programmable. The camera is triggered fully automatically at each position. Optionally, the camera is triggered several times to allow the recording of an exposure bracketing for subsequent HDR calculation.

  • It's not possible to give a general answer about the recording time, as this depends on the desired resolution and on aspects like exposure time or exposure bracketing. If you consider to use only a few shots, such as 6 images with a fisheye on a full frame sensor, such an recording is completed within about 20 seconds at good light conditions.

  • As the CL and ST models are usually used in conjunction with smaller focal lengths, and therefore require less weight and stability, a robust photo or video tripod (Manfrotto, Gitzo, Cullmann etc.) is sufficient. We do not recommend carbon tripods due to their unstable properties. Instead, aluminum should be used. It is also important, that the tripod head is either removable or can be brace without play. As most of our customers already have such tripods, it is NOT part of the scope of delivery. We can offer proved heavy-duty tripod to use the models mentioned above, which we recommend for all focal lengths. The tripod is delivered together with an accessory plate (for notebook, battery pack, accessories) and weights 9 kg. The tripod legs are made of wood and therefore they have an excellent vibration damping. Furthermore it is suitable for very cold temperatures because aluminum can become unpleasant in handling here.
    Hint: The heavy-duty tripod described above is already included in our complete solution RODEON VR Station HD.

  • Our products are compatible with almost every camera, except some compact cameras, which can not be electrically triggered. For medium format cameras, such as Hasselblad, Mamyia etc., we recommend our RODEON VR Head ST due to it's large stability. For higher resolution images (e.g. paintings or fresco reproductions), we recommend RODEON VR Head HD or Station HD as they also can carry studio flash tubes next to the camera.  

  • The RODEON VR Station series is characterized by it's "ready-to-shoot" feature. Each model is delivered completely with all necessary accessories and already pre-configured. Only a suitable camera trigger cable, which should be ordered immediately with the head, is required. (The DSLR with lens is not part of the scope of delivery because we assume that this equipment already exists.)

  • For this purpose, we recommend our auto focus assistant. It  can be either fixed to your camera, or, in case of occupied flashes, fixed to the panoramic head itself. The assistant projects a pattern on the desired field of view allowing the camera to focus exactly in the pre-triggered state. As soon as the panoramic head triggers the camera completely by, the assistant shuts off itself and the process is repeated. The general laser range is 10-15 m, but a range of up to 50 m is also available on request.

  • For using two cameras at the same time, we can deliver an y-cable or a special USB adapter.

  • To synchronize two or more (up to 7 devices) RODEON heads, we recommend our plug-in for the RODEONpreview software. Using this extension, all heads will be controlled simultaneously with the help of the 'Master Slave' function.

  • Three important times can be configured:
    1. 'pre-trigger time' - the time, when RODEON triggers the camera half
    2. 'exposure time' - the time, RODEON waits after triggering the camera before moving on
    3. 'recover time' - the time until your camera is ready for the next shot

  • Yes, the devices are freely programmable and the positioning and motions can be individually set by using a script language. For a comfortable handling, we recommend our RODEON SDK.

  • Solution 1:
    Please check, that no further data cable is connected to the transceiver or to the USB expander rack. If you remove a cable, the device has to be switched off and on again.
  • Solution 2:
    Some Bluetooth adapter install two serial interfaces for one RODEONmodular device: one outgoing and one incoming. The incoming interface should be deactivated or removed, and in the file "MyDocuments\RODEONmodular\settings.cfg", the port number should be set to the respective outgoing port.

  • Manually via CF/SD... -card (readout via Card Reader at the Notebook / PC)
  • Direct image transfer from the camera to the Notebook via USB or Firewire

  • Yes, with RODEONmodular (standard controlling software)
  • Yes, with RODEONpreview (controlling software with instant panorama preview), for the most camera models even as unlimited HDR Bracketing

  • RODEONmodular: German, English and Russian
  • RODEONpreview: English

  • Windows: all plattforms, also smartphones
  • Mac OS X >10.5 with Parallels, vmWare or Bootcamp


3D Recording

  • Please find all technical details in our product catalog from page 22 on. On request we will send you a detailed offer referring to your special needs.


  • On request, we are pleased to send you a link where you can find some examples as well as a cost-free point cloud viewer.

  •  Yes, our software RODEONmetric MODELER exports completely textured meshes (with optional filters).

  • RODEONscan provides an unlimited number of HDR recordings, which can be used also separately from the point cloud for purposes as mentioned above.

  • The general time of delivery ex works is only a few days. You can also get the chance to pick up your device after ordering directly in-house and receive a detailed product training.

  • For colorizing an uncolorized point cloud with another device, we recommend our RODEON VR Station CL-S with images shot with your DSLR. Please find further pricing information in our product catalog.

  • Registration is proceeded by pass markers or pass points (e.g. targets or bullets). They ar scanned and the coordinates are globally given in our pass point editor for each scan. Afterwards, a global compensation of all scans and a (geo-) referenced output of the point cloud are proceeded.
  • Moreover, pass points can be carried over from existing planning documents as well as floor plans via the VIS-ALL interface.

  • For a continuous scanning process using RODEONscan, the general battery service life is approx. 6 hours. If the flashes are used, the battery service life is approx. 3 hours.
  • When using RODEONsmartscan, the battery service life is approx. 3 hours by scanning continuously.

  • No, our software exports a geo-referenced point cloud. We are pleased to recommend the software by our partner Lupos 3D for this purpose.

  • The following settings can be selected: shutter, ISO, white balance, data file as well as image size (e.g. half or full sphere).



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