Profit from the experiences of CLAUSS specialists


Using CLAUSS equipment can be proceeded very fast even in complex applications by relying on a logical technical control concept and a well-structured documentation.

CLAUSS company has many years of experiences in dealing with technics in different and high complex project situations. For users, this knowledge means many potentials regarding time saving and gain of quality. As a user, you can make use of experiences coaches to help you getting started with the equipment and for the realisation and conception of difficult projects. Consultations and workshops can be held at your location, but also at CLAUSS.



Range of services

  • Workshop for using the equipment and software applications
  • Deepening specialist workshop concerning special applications
  • Support and consultation regarding project conceptions and the workflow for projects with CLAUSS equipment
  • Consultation for introduction of Industry- and automation-technology during operation processes
  • Expert advice as temporary project support


Accounting of training and consultation performances are proceeded per diem rate plus expenses for travel and accomodation.




    +49 (0) 37754 507 77
    [email protected]


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We offer professional and individual trainings by using our systems.  
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