Colorized Laserscans

Revolutionize and complete the classic laserscan and make the usual Pointcloud alive by colorizing it with the versatile and efficient RODEON piXplorer, THE panoramic head for your camera!

Since there are laserscans it's possible to survey or edit solids and surfaces by gauging them grid-like. As a result you'll get a black and white Pointcloud and so a picture of the scanned surrounding. The RODEON piXplorer colorizes these pictures with absolute high quality images of your camera and brings your Pointclouds to life.  Due to the HDR-Support objects can be captured perfectly under every light condition. Compatible with any common Laserscanner, like the RODEONsmartscan, it perfectly fits into the usual scanning process and you can shine with an ultimately laserscan full of color and life for your clients now.


Image 02


The easy operating principle:

Image 03   Image 04  Image 05   Image 06
Recording of the
Pointcloud by the 
RODEONsmartscan or
any other 3D-Laserscanner

  Replace the
Laserscanner by the
RODEON piXplorer

All-automatic recording
of the panorma by the
panoramic head and
your camera in best

  Easy colorizing of the
Pointcloud on the PC
with our free software


Because of our respective height adapters the reception centers of different devices and the RODEON piXplorer are perfectly adjusted.


Image 07
RODEONsmartscan for recording 3D
Pointclouds via WLAN/LAN by using any
controlling device equiped with a
RODEON piXplorer combined
with your camera for recording
360° panoramas with the help of
an integrated control panel and an
internal storage of up to 10 profiles
Image 08



Create professional colorized laserscans with the RODEONsmartscan and the RODEON piXplorer or complete the usual laser scan and upgrade your equipment because the piXplorer is compatible with all common Laserscanners:

  • RODEONsmartscan
  • Leica HDS 6000 / 6100 /6200 / 7000, Leica Scanstation C10 / P20 / P30 / P40
  • Z+F Imager 5006 / 5010
  • Faro Focus 3D / 3D X130 / 3D X330
  • Trimble VX / TX5 / TX8
  • further adaptions available on request






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