RODEON metric integrates a full-automatic full-sphere panoramic camera with point-by-point Laserscanning in order to determine laser-accurate spatial coordinates with coincident pictures.


Due to the special device construction, laser measuring unit and panoramic camera (960 MPixel) are permanently in the nodal point. This allows the same perspective at any time, which makes it possible to depict walls, objects and floors with real textures.


In contrast to a point cloud without object relations, which is the result of the well-known Laserscanning, this system exports discrete completed objects. Without postprocessing, these models can be directly transferred into manifold applications like construction programs (CAD), Facility-Management-Programs (CAFM) and 3D-simulations as VRML.



Measuring and operating principles


This opto-electronic object scanner integrates a full-automatic, angle-calibrated full-sphere panoramic camera with a laser-distance measurement. For the first time this device makes it possible to determine laser-accurate spatial coordinates for any objects in the picture.

Measurig a room starts with a photographic acquisition as 360°- full panorama in the image acquisition mode. The software allows a permanent control of results already during the capturing process.


Afterwards, the room is measured by switching into the measuring mode. All objects that are of interest like walls, ceiling, and floor space, but also ledges, lamps or cupboards are automatically measured with the help of numerous software automatisms after choosing just a few measuring points in the picture. Edges and corners in the room are automatically calculated. Due to the automatically proceeded measurement , the operators' work is not delayed at all.


Product characteristics at a glance

  • Accurate measurement from a central position with complete photographic documentation as full panorama!

  • Object related measurement – even for partially hidden planes

  • Demand-based effort: Only relevant objects have to be recorded

  • For every object, any desired additional information can be saved

  • Textured 3D-model export as CAD-file – Vector model instead of a point cloud!

  • Time-efficient and precise on-site measurement without postprocessing

  • Model-controlled laser-marking function for the craft

  • Short training period and uncomplicated handling








RODEON metric

Physical dimensions (WxHxD)

202 mm x 338 mm x 66 mm


4,5 kg

Laser class 2
Measuring range

0,2 m to 30 m at natural surfaces

Image sensor

CMOS colour sensor 3840 x 2748 Pixel
Image resolution

960 Megapixel







Stop measuring and analysing your working field with house facades, rooms or whole floors in a time-consuming and costly capturing on location! Just take a few minutes and create an image of reality, with exact measures and  real textures! RODEONmetric combines laser measurement technology with a high-resolution digital camera. The unique hardware and software allows an almost fully automated operation and within minutes reality becomes virtual reality! Export, edit and archive your environments including all furniture as CAD-, CAFM- or VRML file.


Place the RODEONmetric in the middle of a room or infront of a facade. The first step consists of taking a panoramic image of the room around the position of the system. For this purpose the recording head is automatically panned and tilted in sequential angular steps while capturing one single image in every position. The software simultaneously composes the single images into an angle-calibrated full panorama. The next step consists of the measurement of room and objects in this panorama, with the user virtually turning around in the room and by targeting and measuring the objects of your choice directly in the image. The laser measures the points in real time. Capturing redundant planes or objects becomes completely obsolete and allows an effective and especially quick operation. 





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