smartscan DTM

Scan earthworks precisely, create detailed 3D models and calculate volumes in no time has never been easier!


Moving earth masses is expensive - even more if the material has to be delivered or disposed under additional efforts. Comparative measurements show that even using a tachymeter for surveying of a pile or excavation has deviations up to 10% of the actual volume. In general, the reason for that deviations - with regard to the time - is the rough grid which is used for the recording of the terrain. Even with modern total stations or GNSS receivers, hardly more than 100 single measurements per hour are possible. Until a satisfying CAD result arise additionally and time-consuming post processing has to be done.

RODEONsmartscan not only assume your work, it also works extremely precise. The terrain is scanned and digitized automatically with up to 14’000 single measurements per second. The enormous large range of up to 250m allows the recording of large areas, pits or hills, too. And furthermore, the RODEONsmartscan has a foolproof operation. One single button - nothing else!

Even the analysis is easy as it can be. The 3D terrain model (DTM) is generated automatically. Just edge the needed area and the PDF report with exact data will be displayed immediately

Please find further information about the single steps and a real calculation of the expenditure of time here.







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