§1 Guarantee terms, scope and conditions

If a product manufactured by Dr. Clauss Bild- und Datentechnik GmbH (CLAUSS) turns out to be defective within 24 months after the purchase date at the trader or directly at the manufacturer (please present the original invoice or sales receipt), CLAUSS provides and honors this guarantee against the first final user worldwide. During this guarantee period, all defects that affect the practical value of the device and result from material or manufacturing defects or processing errors will be remedied at the cost of the manufacturer – CLAUSS has the choice of repair or replacement following the terms and limitations below. Optical deficiencies are excluded from these guarantee terms. All products and parts of products that were replaced become property of CLAUSS. Repair and partially replacement does not prolong the originally warranty period.

For products from the market segment housing technology the guarantee period extends to 60 months after the date of purchase, if the object covered by this guarantee was demonstrably installed by a specialist company or service engineer.

For repair or replacement, the product has to be sent in to the manufacturer in sufficient packaging. The costs occuring for a safe transport to the manufacturer and back to the customer have to be paid by the customer. Customers bear the transportation risk. Therefore, we recommend to provide a suitable and sufficient transport insurance. Furthermore, the returned products have to be immediately checked upon receipt if they are intact and free of defects in order to meet the deadlines for indication and complaint. Removable media and potential accessories have to be removed before submitting the product for exercising the warranty claim in order to avoid their loss and data loss. Installed software, files and programs have to be safed before repair, backed up and again re-installed after the repair. Purchased accessory and components by other manufacturers are excluded from any guarantee by CLAUSS. In these cases, the requirements of the particular manufacturers apply.


§2 Limitations and Exclusions

Interventions into the device by unauthorized third parties, unauthorized modifications or changes implemented at the product as well as changing, deleting, removing or defacement of the serial number results in the termination of this warranty claim.

Beside the above-named cases, there is no guarantee accepted for quality, precision, and performance as well as fitness for purpose, reliability, or further product characteristics or characteristics of the associated software (not explicitly, not implicit, not legally, not otherwise). This guarantee does not cover the periodic maintenance and inspection of the product, repair or parts replacement due to fair wear and tear, damages or defects, that are caused by use, running or treatment of the products and which do not correspond to normal, common and intended use, as well as damages respectively product changes by inappropriate use including damages caused by:

  • non-observance of the installation instructions and care and service instructions
  • physical treatment that is causing surface or cosmetic damages or damage to liquid crystal displays
  • installation or product use for another purpose than intended
  • use of the product with other systems, devices or spare parts which are not designed for or approved for using it with the product
  • product installation against technical standard or safety laws in the country where it is installed or used
  • product upgrades that result in features or specifications described in the instruction manual becoming void
  • Software that was not included in the scope of delivery or software that was installed inappropriate
  • force majeure and other circumstances that are beyond the manufacturer's influence

Furthermore excluded from the warranty are:

  • adjustment work and recalibration of the device
  • damages resp. loss of software programs or removable media or consequences of a virus attack
  • further material / immaterial loss or consequential damages like loss of image, loss of order, loss of earnings, absence from duty, profit setback, data loss, unavailability or function failure of the product resp. associated components.


§3 Other Regulations

If these legal disclaimers should be completely or partly contradicting the applicable law, the guarantee terms and liability are restricted to the extend as the apllicable law allows. The liability within the scope of this guarantee is heightwise restricted to the purchase price of the product. If the applicable law provides only for higher liability limits, these higher limitations of liability apply. There is no right for further claims.


§4 Reservation of the Customer's Legal Rights

Following national laws related to the sale of customer products, customers may have legal rights. This guarantee is not limiting the legal claims you may have resulting from the sale contract nor rights against the person from whom you purchased the product.


§5 Data Privacy

Dr. Clauss Bild- und Datentechnik GmbH (CLAUSS) is saving and using all customer data for processing and administration of the warranty case and is allowed to pass them on to authorities if legally necessary. The current valid version of our privacy notice can be found under www.dr-clauss.de.

If you do not agree with using your data by CLAUSS, the agencies and associated enterprises, please contact us in written form:

Dr. Clauss Bild- und Datentechnik GmbH
Turnhallenweg 5 a
08297 Zwoenitz


Effective: May 2018



    +49 (0) 37754 507 77
    [email protected]


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